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Title: Mega Space Super Station

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Solo show, opening 28th feb. at 15:00 in Akureyri Art Museum.

I'll be doing some work in Iceland. The following text might explain what it is.

In recent work I have addressed the dialog between intelligence and artificial intelligence in human-computer communications. However, after concluding that project I was left with the thought that we may not make such a clear, clean cut difference between what is virtual and what is not. Let me elaborate on this. In my recent work Users, I did a fair amount of research on virtual realities, as the name might suggest, and how they are integrated in the everyday. My findings suggested that terms like real and natural include the virtual as much as they don’t. On this point I dropped the word virtual, as it got less and less significant. I looked into the integration of technology, as in how, rather than what information is brought to us. This study drove me into the metaphysics of how we understand technology. [skipping loads of stuff] This lead me onto a very futuristic side of technological development, including robot building companies such as Boston Dynamics, super complex algorithmic trading (HFT), Amazon’s chaotic storage strategies and the pinnacle of technological promises; orbital space tourism. There is so much more to be named here, but the bottom line is that all of this is so futuristic, almost as if it is not real. How do we perceive technology? One evening when I was watching the live feed from ISS this thought came to me; this looks fake. I know it wasn’t, but my perception of space travels has been predominantly through sci-fi movies and that angle of earth, how it was rotating, it just looked fake. I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. It felt fake, well as a movie should, but just as fake as the live feed. Now, I’m finally getting to the point. M.S.S.S is my very own space station where I can conduct experiments and test theories that address these core questions; What is the relationship between science and science-fiction? How has science-fiction influenced science and our perception of it?[perhaps included in the first question], and looking back, how did we think the future was compared to what it is?

tl;dr: Sci-fi, science facts, space station installation in Akureyri Art Museum 28th feb at 15:00.

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